What Qualifications do you need to become a science teacher?



 What qualifications do you need to become a science teacher?

  UK employers generally prefer a bachelor's degree in the subject you want to teach. However, a bachelor's degree can also be obtained in another relevant field. You need either:

  •     An undergraduate degree in science
  •     To have completed a postgraduate teacher training course at a university or college

 After a degree, the most common route into science teaching  is  a PGCE. This course lasts up to two years  and gives you the professional skills and academic qualifications you need to teach. This is done as part of the School's direct training program.
 Alternative training options include School-Based Initial Teacher Training (SCITT), which teaches the basics of teaching in a simulated environment. Remember - it's important to ensure that any route you choose offers PGCE credits.



Other training paths for teaching are e.g.

    Class-based assessment - if you have teaching experience or  qualifications outside  the UK, you can teach  live  in front of an examiner who will determine  suitability.

    Teach First - offers immediate professional placements in UK schools. To teach in primary, secondary and special schools funded by local authorities in the UK, you must achieve Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) by the end of your training. But you don't need QTS for further education or entry-level teaching.

Applying to university and completing an appropriate degree is recommended, but there is another option to become a science teacher. Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status means you do not need degree level credentials and is an alternative to QTS. 

However, you must meet the following criteria:

  1.  Be a member of the  Education Union
  2.  You have obtained a teaching qualification of at least level 5  
  3.  You have a Level 2 Maths, Level 2 English and Level 3 Science degree
  4.  In a continuing education and training environment, teaching or training must take place during the vocational training program
  5.  You have found a suitable supporter (someone you have worked with and who has followed your teaching and learning)

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