11 Tips You Wanted To Know About Facebook Marketing


Facebook Marketing
Facebook Marketing

Everything You Wanted To Know About Facebook Marketing

As you know, Facebook is a buzzword in the world of online communication. It's big, really big. If surveys are to be believed, it has about 1.25 billion active users among them, more than 60% use it regularly (daily).

Remember the days, when there was Workout. Then, Facebook came in and very slowly, Orkut started disappearing, until finally one day, Workout disappeared forever, paving the way for Facebook to dominate the web world. At that time, when Facebook was launched, people didn't care to use it or didn't even know it existed. This demographic is the active Facebook user today.

Growth may be slow and steady, but after all these years, we can believe that Facebook is here to live forever. While all others succumbed to the pressure from their competitors, Facebook was never compromised and will continue to win hearts. We can assume that the number of active Facebook users will soon turn into a million figures rather than the billions of users currently using it.

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Let's cheer on Facebook for survival and bring smiles to people's faces by connecting them to the world out there! With the high level of activity taking place on social media, it seems like you're missing out on a large portion of your customers if you're not on Facebook. Reaching your loyal customers has never been this easy. Once you go there, you will discover how far Facebook can help you take your business to the next level.

This is one of the platforms, where you can really know where people are and then, target them. Facebook gives you the ability to reach people based on their interests, location and demographics.

But, before you start marketing using Facebook, there are a few basic and very important things you should know to get the results you want.

1. The Facebook user-buyer journey

Originally used by college students and teenagers, today, almost everyone who has an internet connection uses it. The assumption is that from the age of 13 to the elderly, everyone is using Facebook.

Research shows that people in the age group from 18 to 30 are active on the social media network, Facebook. For older people, popularity decreases. The least Facebook usage is among people in the 65 and older age group. But, you don't need to worry if you follow the right Facebook marketing strategies, as it will lead you to the right audience.

Ads, groups, and pages are tools from Facebook that you can use to easily reach your people. You can use these tools individually or in a joint effort to target your audience based on your needs.

2. Pages

You may be wondering how these Facebook pages differ from the profiles we create for individuals. They are very similar to those profiles, where your users can like, share and even comment, while also receiving updates from a specific page across the news feed. There is a page "Like" option, but only in some cases, they can follow the page.

You may need a mutual friend for following or sending friend requests to profiles with strong and secure privacy settings, but with these Facebook business pages, you can like any of them as you like. There are no restrictions on the number of fans or followers a page can have, although profiles are limited to 5,000 friends.

These pages are completely free and very easy to find, although it may not be easy to build a solid fan base at first.

3. Advertisements

As you know, Facebook's targeted advertising platform is one of the best, allowing you to create ads specifically targeted to a specific age group, location and demographic, including the type of browsers or devices the user is using. Users can choose between the ads they want to see and the ones they don't want to see. They can choose to like the page that appears under the ad or simply ignore and close it based on their interests.

Although ads can be very expensive, they give you a solid marketing focus.

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4. Groups

Very similar to discussion forums, these Facebook groups come with special features that you can find in pages and profiles. Depending on your industry, you can create groups that showcase your product offerings, which is one of the best ways to attract your target audience.

These are free to build, and the engagement rate is very reliable, although it can take a while sometimes.Procedure in detail

Simple and easy to create, Facebook pages are the best marketing method to reach your audience. The most attractive feature is the cost and ease of setting up, which makes it very high, with no or little loss, which can be easily overcome.

Many organizations fail to use the full power of Facebook when reaching their people.

Let's begin

You need a logo for your business and where do you display it? The profile picture is the space for your logo.

Next, comes the cover image - it's up to you to decide which image to upload there. You can use some artwork, contact information or behind the scenes photos of your employees at work. Just make sure that the image you use will attract your visitors.

Next is the "about" section, which comes under your company logo. You can start telling people about you and your company in this section. It is recommended that you provide appropriate information about your business, which is clear and accurate. Make sure that the words you choose are not too complicated. You can add something interesting about your company, apart from the usual information about what you do here. This is the face of your business that speaks to your people. So, make sure it is the best.

In the "basic information" section, make sure you have entered all the information. Pay more attention to keeping a casual and friendly tone.

Many major brands use informal communication tones to build strong relationships with their people.

5. Tabs

To the right of your "About" section, you'll find small squares, known as "tabs."

You can implement about 10 program tabs, commonly known as the "favorites" section. The image and favorites tabs are mandatory, and you can change the position of the "favorites" tab to your liking. The top tabs are only four and ensure that the images are always visible first.

The position of these tabs depends on the type of business you are targeting and the type of visitor you are reaching.

6. Freedom wall

Anyone who likes your page will get a notification in their news feed whenever you write a new post. This works in the same way as in the case of your personal profile. This means that whatever you post must be relevant to your audience and timely. Make sure you don't clutter your users' news feeds by posting too much information at once.

You've probably wondered if there's a way to schedule Facebook posts ahead of time if you've ever struggled to have regular content posted on your brand's Facebook Page or Profile. That's it, really! A better solution is to use RecurPost, which allows you to schedule social media updates across multiple platforms. Advanced options such as mass scheduling are also available.

Need ideas on what to post on your wall?

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  •       Blog post links
  •       To announce the launch or arrival of a new product or service
  •       Online tools and their URLs that may be useful for your people
  •       Discounts or coupons for your fans
  •       Provide links to your company or industry related articles

Even when you make these posts, do them often, but not so often that you annoy your people.

7. Contact and interact with your fans

Unless you interact with your people, how do you expect to know what's going on in their minds?

And for a page that has a lot of activity it is better than others. Ask them questions. Talk to them. Questions should be about your products or services or the relevant industry domain. The answers you receive are the best, and these will help you refine and improve your business strategies moving forward.

Also, as more people start interacting, the engagement volume increases and this will automatically land you at the top of the Facebook News Feed. You can also use the Facebook Live feature to interact with your fans live. Or if you don't want to go live, you can do Facebook live with a pre-recorded video.

8. Avoid spamming

Remember that when you spam, you become a nuisance to your fans. Sending boring thoughts about your company or product will annoy your people, and they will leave your border and join your competitor's fan base, which is a failure for your business.

Send only those posts that will add value to your people's lives.

9. Analyzing statistics and results

Facebook analytics is very important in determining the performance of your business. An increase in fans or a decrease can mean that something is wrong and give you a second chance to reconsider when you made a mistake. You can also use Facebook knowledge tools for better understanding and deeper knowledge.

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Targeted advertising is one way Facebook lets you reach the right people.

With a single click or per impression, you can find out the bids on ads similar to yours and then ensure that these match industry-specific expectations.

10. Different types of Facebook ads

You can create ads that are mobile app installs or ads that advertise Facebook events or ads that direct people to your Facebook page.

11. Feedback is important

Users can choose to like or hide an ad on Facebook. If they choose to hide yours, Facebook tells you why it asks for a reason before hiding it from people. This valuable feedback gives you room for improvement.

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